Promotion in Facebook - order likes, friends, subscribers.

100 like, fan = 2.8$


200 like, fan = 5.6$


300 like, fan = 8.1$


400 like, fan = 9.0$


500 like, fan = 10.9$


600 like, fan = 12.1$


700 like, fan = 15.2$


800 like, fan = 18.3$


900 like, fan = 19.3$


1000 like, fan = 24.6$


2000 like, fan = 46.3$


5000 like, fan = 92.9$


Three ways to promote in Facebook:


Geting likes on the photo
or posts is a great way
to draw attention.

2. Friends.

More friends in always good.
Number of freiends is limited
to 10.000

3. Subscribers

The most popular method of
promotion. Users click «Like»
еto subscribe.

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How we work?

buy facebook fansWe attract subscribers of
popular groups and mailing lists.

buy facebook fansWe can attract over 20 thousand
subscribers, likes and friends per day.

buy facebook fansTo order a promotion, enter your email link on yourphoto,
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Why do you need to advance in Facebook?

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Get the top of search results

The more views you have,
the higher you will be in search
results of Facebook, Bing and Google

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Attract audience

Popular page
is a great tool
to attract the target audience.

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Raise awareness

Facebook — perhaps the best
way to raise awareness of your
product, brand or company.

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Be closer to customers

30% of the time on the internet is
spent on Facebook.
Be closer to your customers.

Buy Facebook fans

Facebook is a very useful means to start your own online business. It is very essential to attract attention to it of your potential customers and partners that may become your Facebook subscribers. So, to begin with, you need to buy Facebook fans and likes from some reliable online service company. You may also prefer to buy Facebook followers and comments, because they usually come from the most targeted people who have already learned about your services or products and used them.

You may ask how Facebook comments from such targeted people may work. You haven’t sold any of your products yet, but opt for receiving comments from your potential customers. It is not a cheating at all. Your Facebook followers are a helpful indicator for those users who are looking for the service you offer. Though, nobody will be interested in your proposals if one does not see that some people have already made a good use of them. So, you need to start from something that potentially could attract someone’s attention, and the best option is to buy real Facebook fans.

It is not always easy to get Facebook fans at first, but you may cope with this situation easily if you buy Facebook fans first, and then make use of their sincere feedback and participation in your promotion campaigns. The service companies are ready to promote your Facebook page immediately by thousands of delighted Facebook followers whose positive comments delivered to your site will make your business life better. These comments may be delivering to you either separately or in a package with Facebook fans, likes and views to increase the credibility of your online business.

The company you order this service from should consider the requirement that all your Facebook followers must be real people who are adequately interested in your site. So, you will have to check up whether these Facebook fans are not bots or fakes. All Facebook posts on your wall will be seen on their web page, so they are likely to answer you somehow, be eager to communicate with you, or send their Facebook comments and feedback. If you fail to post your immediate status updates, they will wonder what the matter is with you, and they may finally leave your page. If your page becomes more and more interactive during the whole time of the service, this will mean that the Facebook fans you have got are real and targeted people.

You will have to remember one more useful thing when you start the business promotion by means of the bought Facebook fan backup. Your business must be customer friendly and comply with the existing legislation. Only in this case you will be able to increase Facebook fans and Facebook subscribers. If you don’t mind that, your site will be rejected by many real Facebook followers you have bought.

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